Veja Condor Mesh

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The Condors are mixed running shoes designed by the Veja brand, ideal for athletes looking for efficient running shoes that are also environmentally friendly. In fact, the Condors are built for the most part using organic or recycled ingredients. They have an Alveomesh rod, produced 100% from recycled plastic bottles. The holding structure of Condors is made up of 100% castor oil. The Condors also have an inner jersey lining made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Comfortable, they are equipped with a wild rubber insole, also made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled EVA, among others. In addition, the cushioning of the Condors is ensured by their midsole made of sugar cane, rice waste, banana oil and EVA, but also by the cushioning technology in L-Foam. Finally, the Condor's outsole ensures good grip, thanks to its composition in wild Amazonian rubber and rice waste.

À propos de Veja

Veja est une marque française de sneakers premium, de sacs et d'accessoires écologiques et issus du commerce équitable